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Frequent questions

1. How do I buy from your online storee?
Enter the Online Store section.
Locate the product you want to buy and select the amount you want.
Go to the shopping cart and finalize the order.
Select the payment method and complete the contact information and Shipping information.
Continue with the payment by filling in the requested information and paying.

2. What are the payment methodso?
PayPal, Bank Deposit, Credit Card.

3. Who can buy Tres Espadas Habaneras Saucess?
Salsas Habaneras Tres Espadas is a store for companies and individuals.

4. How long will my purchase take to arrive?r?
Depending on where your delivery address is located. Average delivery time is 3-5 business days.

5. What is the minimum order for not paying shippingo?
Free shipping to all of Mexico over 2,250..

6. The products are guaranteeda?
Yes, all our products have a guarantee.

7. What is the expiration date of the products?s?
They have 2 years of expiration

8. Who should I contact in case the product reaches me wrongl?
On our page is the contact section where you can find phone numbers and emails.

9. How long do I have for returns?s?
Once you receive the product, you have 3 to 5 business days to file a claim and make returns.

10. Who pays the shipping costs in case of returnss?

Shipments due to returns for satisfaction guarantee are paid by the customer. The warranty is on the product.

11. Where can I find the physical product?o?
You can find Tres Espadas Habaneras Sauces in self-service stores such as Oxxo and ISSEG pharmacies.